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Some Differences About Structure Between Traditional LED Display And Stage Rental Screen

2018-07-02 10:14:36

Compared with the traditional led display, the configuration of stage rental led display is different because of the different functions. Following is the differences between stage rental led display and traditional led display by www.myleddisplay.com

1.The models are different

The stage rental led display requires excellent effect of the stage art design, with the high standard of clear image. Some choose the HD screen of model p2 p2.5 as indoor led video wall display, the richer clients may use the model P1.0, P1.5. For outdoor led display, it tends to model P6 P8. As for the traditional indoor and outdoor led display, with close viewing distance and low demand of display, the indoor led display tends to model P3 P4, the out door led display tend to model P8 P10 and P15. And indoor led video wall uses SMD; the outdoor led panel uses CFL, sometimes it also uses SMD. The market of led screen rental expand gradually, www.myleddisplay.com launches series of products with different cabinets, which can be used for all current mainstream models. 

led display.jpg

2.The cabinets are different. 

The traditional outdoor led screen uses the waterproof cabinets which are heavy and the installation is a tedious process. The indoor led display uses simple cabinets. As for stage rental led display is made of aluminum die-casting cabinet which is slim, lightweight and with high stability. Easy to install and disassemble. Perfect for Stars concert and acrobats stage performance. 

3.The installations are different.

It is mentioned above that the stage rental display is easy to disassemble. If an acrobatic performance is done, the screen can be disassembled quickly and transport to another place. With fixed installation, once the traditional led display is installed, there is slim chance to move it. 

These are the differences between traditional led display and stage rental led display. Besides, the price and environment configuration are also different. 

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