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High quality products with reasonable price and best service. They help me solve lots of problem about led in time, very professional.—— Denmark
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Quality Guarantee

Quality is the life of a company. www.myleddisplay.com believes the superior quality is the most effective way to market the products. We have advanced technology for led display R&D, and we always try to carry through technical innovations, introduce the latest industry automatic equipment and optimize every link in development. We also bring in the superior quality testing facilities which could check every raw material thoroughly. Along with the perfect testing method and testing standard, we try to achieve the “three zero” goals-- “zero imperfections, zero complaints, zero diffusion”.

Reliability Test
1 The reliability test of electrical properties: Before sealing the semi-finished modules with sealants, if the seme-finished products is good after the QC test, they should turn on to work over 48 hours to have a high temperature aging test.
2 The aging test of finished products: Install the led display as if we are really using the it Simulating the installation of the led display on the site. The led display can be sold if there is no trouble with the led display after powered by a 48-hour aging test.
3 3.Waterproof test: waterproof is one of the most important part while taking about outdoor led display. To make sure the waterproof function, we test the led with high pressure water, and put every cabinet into water. The direct protection level comes up to the IP67 standard.
4 Anticorrosion test: to make sure the circuit boards, cabinets, screws, etc are not corroded or rusted, we will have a 24-hour salt spray test on cabinets and screws as long as we purchase a new batch of circuit boards.
5 5.Vibration test: as for traffic guiding display and automotive display, they are shaking while working. Have a vibration simulated experiment on the display to ensure its function.
6 Adjust on the site: adjust the display in a real outdoor environment, to make sure the display has the same effect no matter it is in the factory or installation site.
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