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The Solution to Stadium LED Display

2018-07-02 10:58:19

A brief introduction

Modern and Multi-functional stadium, is a good place to hold kinds of sports events, grand theatrical performances and assemblies. The requirements of such led display are to display things diversely and timely. With the development and improvement of the application, Led display becomes an indispensable element in a modern stadium.

sport led display

• Mainly used in football field, basketball field, swimming pool and other stadiums. 

• Introductions of athletes, live broadcast; have a connection with Referee system, score and time system, broadcast the time and scores timely; slow playback is the basis for referee to make a right decision, ensure the justice of the game, reduce the unnecessary conflicts; highlights, slow playbacks, profits , present a perfect visual feast for the audience; commercial ads is a bonus; perfect definition and sound effects, make the game site more competitive and shocked.

sport Led display


1. Three in one technology is applied in led display around the stadiums. Wide viewing angles, high definition, high refresh rate, the color and the brightness can be adjusted synchronously, making sure the audience will not miss the live sports events. Virtual Resolution makes the sports video played on outdoor led display more exquisite and lifelike.

2. Correction technology by pixel: it is suitable for every pixel, every module, every cabinet and the whole screen, make the screen have a perfect white balance effect.

3. Refresh rate up to 2000Hz, the image of the led display is more stable, avoid the stroboscopic phenomenon efficiently while shooting.

4. Software distributor: achieve the multi-window display of a whole screen, to show the picture broadcast the text, time, scores at the same time.

5. Long transmission distance results in signal delay. After using efficient optical fibre transmission system, signal delay is reduced efficiently; what you see on the screen is what happens on the sports field.

6. The power adapter and the system have dual backup system. Once there is something wrong, the led display will be switched to backup system automatically or manually, without any bad affection of the led display operation. 

7. Using the latest processing technology so that the video is with patents, guarantee the superior visual quality as well as the ability to input and output video optionally. The handled video signals 

include: CVBS, S-Video, YCbCr, YPbPr, RGBHV(VGA), DVI-D, HDMI, SDI and VOIP (Copper RJ45).

8. Auto monitoring system is a control system which takes PLC as smart control module, equipped with monitor sensor, monitor the real-time external environment and control the system if there is anything wrong, make the remote control come true by combining with computer.

9. The cabinet is moistureproof and corrosion resistance. It can be used in places of different climates across the world, even includes seaside with high humidity and high salinity. The working temperature ranges from -30℃ to 60℃. 

10.There are hemispheric soft protection covers and masks equipped on the top and front side of the screen body, guarantee the safety of athletes and led light. 

11. New design for cabinet structure, three installation methods of enclosing, hanging and stacking. It can be applied on various occasions, meets the clients’ different demands. Easy and quick to use. 

12. The cabinet is equipped with triangle gate and unique adjustable inclination. Our led stadium display is able to adjust the inclination angle(60°~90°) of the cabinet for different demands. So all the audience could see what is playing on the screen. 

13.Good waterproof effect, meet the requirements of IP65. The led display could operate even it is raining. 

14. Customizing the most proper led display solutions to stadium according

sport led srceen

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