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Outdoor Media Curtain Led Display's Solution

2018-06-29 10:25:21

As for our outdoor digital signage, on the one hand, it can place an advertisement under traditional mode, exhibit the information, brighten the appearance of the building, on the other hand, it can be an interactive platform to spread information in the internet era. The control system and product advantages by www.myleddisplay.com make it come true to have the function of interactive information, meet today’s fashion demands.


Our company has varieties of special products. As for the solution to outdoor media curtain led display, we have different products such as bright screen, aluminium plate screen. And we have dot and stripe display system and control system which are developed by our own. The combination of software and hardware make theoutdoor led signs possible to advertise, display information, interact with information.

Functions and Effects

The most distinguished function of outdoor led display screen is it can be a platform to release and exchange information. For example, anyone could release the information on the phone and computer to led display curtain after check, interacting with others, achieving the goal of entertaining together. It even displays different colors to predict the weather, remind people while they are going out. All in all, outdoor led display panels is an super information interaction platform. It is a natural outcome of information modernization.


The led screen on the building traditionally is to advertise and display information. But the outdoor electronic signs is added some other functions. With the features of information modernization, it gives people a new way to interact with information. So this solution has not only the propaganda value, but also the interactive value. The economic benefit is much better. 

outdoor led display


1. Offer installation holders and a full set of led display system, including: control system, power adapter(plug), software, attachment, installation instruction and other service. 

2. Equipped with super brightness led which is low-power dissipation. It can be applied outdoor under any brightness condition; energy-saving solutions, it will save 1/3 energy while operating the display, greatly reducing the operation cost. 

3. High refresh rate and high gray scale make the image more lifelike, meet the requirements of commercial high visual quality. 

4. PFC power adapter makes the power supply sustained and stable.   

5. Operation Monitoring system: knowing the running state of the led display.

6. Turn on or turn off the led display by time control or remote real-time control.

7. Unique waterproof cabinet up to the standard IP65. It can be installed and used directly in the open air.  

8. Standardized cabinet. The cabinets with same size meet the display requirement of different pixel, makes it easy to install led ad display.  

9. Long transmission distance results in signal delay. After using efficient optical fibre transmission system, signal delay is reduced efficiently; what you see on the screen is what happens on the spot.

10. Support the control system of network clustering: control the global led display in one place, change what is broadcast as you want. 

11. The brightness will adapt to lighting condition, energy-saving and eco-friendly, it also reduces the operation cost.

12. The level of protection was reliable, which is designed for different features of outdoor environment. The led display is able to operated stably for long time because of the heat dissipation of the whole screen and rigorous manufacturing technique. 


Widely applied to advertise in stadiums, commercial applications, banks, securities, postal services, docks, shopping malls, stations, telecommunications, government departments, schools, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, companies and other outdoor field.

outdoor led screen

outdoor led display

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