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Fine Pitch Led Display - Solution To Police Command System

2018-08-21 11:49:18

Led display manufacturer “myleddisplay” in China is a global leader that has worked in led display industry for more than ten years. Due to the rich experience and better understanding to police industry demands, with advantages of fine pitch led display of high definition and high contrast ratio, we research and develop a perfect and smart solution which is suitable for police station. 

How to choose the right type of large spliced led display?

In general, there are four kinds of large spliced indoor led display: DLP spliced display system, LCD spliced display system, projection and led fine pitch spliced display system. With the development of fine pitch led display, the technology is more stable and mature, the pixel pitch is much smaller, the definition is much higher. Fine pitch led display is widely used in police station, procuratorate, monitor and command center, etc. Clients think highly of them. They gradually replaced DLP, LCD solutions, becoming the mainstream products in this industry. So what’s the advantages of fine pitch led display?

video wall display.jpg

Features of Led Display

Fine pitch led display is a kind of products that emit light by itself. The brightness is much higher than DLP spliced screen. With adjustable brightness, the image quality of fine pitch led display is much better than that of DLP spliced screen. Due to the higher brightness of led display, the image quality of fine pitch led display will not be affected by other lighting equipment. The image is quite clear.  

video-wall srceen.jpg

Project Background 

Address: Police Substation--Command Center

Environment: It is a integrated multi-media information release system including computer technology, network technology, communication technology, graphic image technology, database technology, information processing technology, etc

Aim: It should meet the demands of daily works, which is the starting point. At the same time,  things as follow should also be considered: normal monitoring of police numerical strength and alarm situations, emergency coordination of command and dispatch. It should meet all the requirements of coordinating, displaying, remote controlling, etc in command center, which is rather farsighted. 

Functional Requirements: it can collect and display the real time datum of different departments including police stations, transportation, fire stations and emergency center, giving a deep association of these datum, making it convenient for administrators to analyse. If just analyse the datum of one departments, some security risks are difficult to discovery. With this system, administrators can find them easily. Instructions to various departments can be dispatched more quickly. Besides, pre-warning system for different spotlights can be set up, automatically monitoring the progress of spotlights, giving a early warning of anomalous changes. If there are any emergencies, it is easy to contact with other departments and relevant crews can be dispatched under a single command to deals with emergencies promptly.

Project Design

The control center has the function of big data cloud transmission and big data processing. It can collect information and give the command. The indoor monitoring systems of different districts are connected to control center. The big screen are divided to display different information of different districts. Information of special operation group are displayed unless there is emergency (such as aerial group, individual combat group, information of special cars). The overall control center is composed of command system, display system, lighting system, audio system, air condition system, conference system, power supply system and big data storage system. every subsystem is set up by visual cooperative system. The permissions of each system are controlled by visual cooperative system. 

fine pitch led display.jpg

This solutions use the series products of fine pitch led display from www.myleddisplay.com

1. Standard display scale of 1:1.

2. with black light and special inkjet design, the contrast ratio is improved.

3. with high-end constant current driver IC, it has low brightness, high grayscale, high refresh rate. The dynamic image is stable, with no mura, no flickers. Even the edge of the image is clear, having a better visual effect.

4. Hard connection. The connectors of power source and signal transmission are separated, which is stable and reliable.

5. Wide viewing angles of 160°, no blind spot, no color cast. 

6. Better color uniformity. High precision calibration system, point-to-point calibration make the brightness and chroma of display in better uniformity.

7. High repetition frequency in nanoseconds makes the dynamic image have no ghosts, no leaving streaks.

As for this project, full-color sync control system is applied. The standard DVI signals which is  output from the computer video card are transmitted into the signals that fine pitch led display are needed. During the transmission, the algorithm are added, such as gray algorithm, color gamut conversion, etc. And it can deliver different control instructions to the led display, as well as the working conditions of grayscale and display. 

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