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Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4

 Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4
 Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4
 Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4
 Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4
 Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4
 Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4
 Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4
 Indoor Led Display with Super Wide View Angle-P4
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Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Square Meter
Packaging Details:
Wooden box or Flight case
Payment Terms:
L/C T/T Western Union Paypal Credit Card
Supply Ability:
5,000 square meters per month

P4 Indoor LED Display Features:

1. Ultra High Brightness. The image can be seen clearly even in sunlight. 

2. Ultra High Chroma Uniformity makes the image more exquisite.

3. The roughness of the fitting surface is required to control within ±0.22.

4. With various of scanning techniques and modular design, it is much more reliable and stable.

5. With wave-peak soldering techniques and anthracene oil oxygen barrier, the circuit board is protected from moisture and oxidation, prolonging the life span.

6. Say goodbye to the traditional CFL. Using new SMD encapsulation, the color is much clearer and more stable, making it come true for single point of maintenance. Much more efficient and energy saving. 

7. Lightweight and slim. The thickness of the cabinet is just 77mm, the weight is just 15kg. Compared to the traditional cabinet, the thickness and the weight are reduced over 20%, saving the cost of transportation and installation.

p4 indoor led display

P4 Indoor LED Display Application

1. Advertising media. With the special advantage, LED display has displaced the traditional advertising board, three-face billboards, and light box gradually, as a new way of advertising media. The traditional advertisements just displays images. But led display combines the picture with video, text and audio perfectly. It features high definition, high brightness, rich color, distinct theme, novel design, vivid and simple. Led display for advertising media is mainly applied in the various environments of busy street, shopping mall, square park, buildings, landmarks, stations, airports, etc.

2. Entertainment and culture. The main application is background LED display for stage and evening party. It can broadcast live and play back; no limitation to seats, so that the audience far from the stage can watch the performance clearly, creating magnificent and contagious feelings; plus great sound effects, which present a visual feast for the audience. It is mainly applied in concert, activities, theater, TV Station, high-end places, etc.

3. Sporting. The role of stadium Led display is to play highlights, slow motion playback, close-up. It is mainly applied in soccer court enclosing led screen, basketball gym funnel led screen, timer & score led screen and lots of wall or columns led screen in sports venues.

4. Traffic guidance. On the crossing of busy street or on the both side of expressway, there are traffic guidance led displays, which are controlled by control center. With other road condition monitoring facilities, they will show the information about the road automatically, which one is in good condition, which one is in traffic jam, as a reference for the traveller to chose a best route. 

5. The special places with creative led display. In general, there are museums, Science Museums, etc in each city now. They have close link with high-tech products led display. Creative led display is mainly applied in museum sphere led display, science museums spiral led display, led cube, children’s palace creative led display, skycity cydariform led display, art gallery, experience museum and other fields.

Besides these domains, led display will be applied in other industries. Where there is a need, there is a led display.

Pretty and Fashion

It is made of high quality three kinds of chips (Red, Green, Blue) within each SMD lamp bead, pasting them on the circuit board and weld them evenly at a certain distance. There are some electron components to drive and control which are pasted on the back of the circuit board, and then using plastic cover to fix and protect the end product of the circuit board. This is the elementary unit of the indoor led display of Model P2.

indoor led display

Ultra wide view angle, give you a new experience. 

SMD lamp bead itself has wide view angle, with high precision equipment and advanced productive technology, unique anti-electromagnetic wave, distributed scanning technique, module design, all these upgrade the reliability and stability, widen the horizontal and vertical view angle, make the performance more stable and broadcast more information. 

indoor led display

Ultra clear effect with rich color

Create ultra high DCR, improve the display effect, make the image have a strong visual effect of black and white contrast, ensure the transparency and brightness of the image. 

indoor led display

Smooth gluing, the products are in good homogeneity

Using the advanced glue-pouring machine in industry, make the surface smooth, dust-proof and damp-proof, make sure the products are in good homogeneity. 

indoor led display

Ultra mute

Equipped with ultra mute fans, which is good at keeping cooling, with no noise. 

indoor led display

P4 Indoor LED Display Specification

Pixel Density62500
Size240*240Best viewing angle4m-50mAverage Power310
Pixel pitch4mmRefresh rate≥1920Life Span10W hours

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