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HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display

 HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display
 HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display
 HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display
 HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display
 HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display
 HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display
 HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display
 HD P1.5 Indoor Fixed Fine Pitch Led Display
Product Details:
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Square Meter
Packaging Details:
Wooden box or Flight case
Payment Terms:
L/C T/T Western Union Paypal Credit Card, MoneyGram
Supply Ability:
5,000 square meters per month

Brief Introduction of P1.5 Fine Pitch Led Display:

With virtual pixel technology, the image of P1.5 fine pitch led display is four times clearer than that of the real pixel display with the same pixel while displaying the images; that is very cost-effective. P1.5 LED display features high refresh rate, high gray scale, high brightness utilization, trace free, low-power consumption, low EMI, no-glare while using indoor. The contrast ratio of P1.5 Led display is up to 5000:1.

It is lightweight and slim, with high precision, occupies little space while transporting and using it. P1.5 LED display has better mute-effect and heat dissipation effect. Compared to other led display, our led display in this series has wider color gamut, higher responsive speed. It can be spliced seamlessly and maintained modularizedly at any size. The color of the whole screen is high uniformity, with HD and life-like image. There is no display problems such as sweat stains or bright lines. The color is soft and no-glare while the image is changed. High image quality is just like watching the TV program.

p1.5 fine pitch led display

P1.5 fine pitch led display

Features of P1.5 fine pitch indoor led display:

1. With ultra Small pitch and high pixel density, the indoor p1.5 HD led display is suitable for viewers to watch the screen indoor from a very close distance.

2. As for the P1.5 fine pitch led display, the viewing angle is wide up to 160°, which let the viewers have a best viewing effect at any angle.

3. P1.5 small pitch HD led display can be spliced as you want at any angle, for any size and shapes, giving a perfect and seamless visual effect.

4. The cabinet is designed as 16:9 according to the display for control and security monitoring, replace the traditional led display of 4:3 or 16:9 easily.

5. With the aluminum die-casting cabinet, the screen body is lightweight and slim, space saving and cost-saving, fashionable and stylish. High precision ensure the whole screen body is flat and seamless.

6. There are adjustable screws to move up and down, left to right in the cabinet. Adjust the screen depending on the circumstances, until there are not bright lines and dark lines.

7. Magnet module design. The module, system cards and power adapter support front maintenance, and all cards and adapters have double backups.

8. The image displays stably, no mura or black screen. The video plays smoothly, the edge of the dynamic image is clear, with good dynamic performance, resorting the image precisely, giving viewers a visual feast.  

9.Advanced 6H technology in led display industry let our products have the features of low brightness, high gray scale, excellent antistatic ability, high refresh rate.

10. With module design, easy and quick to install. Low installation and maintenance cost, professional heat dissipation technology, no fans, no noise, energy saving and eco-friendly.

11. Low power consumption, energy saving. Compared to the traditional floodlights and decorative lights, the power consumption is decreased several times, while the effect is much better.

12. As P1.5 small pitch led display, it increases the energy-saving wiring in driver chips, uses high brightness led lamp, constant current & low power technology during encapsulation, having great energy saving effects.


p1.5 fine pitch display

P1.5 small pitch led

P1.5 Small Pitch LED Display Specification

ModelMLD-P1.5Brightness1000nitsPixel Density409600
Size200*150Best viewing angle2m-60mAverage Power350
Pixel pitch1.5625mmRefresh rate≥1920Life Span10W hours

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